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Piantina Umbria

Located in the heart of Italy, the Umbria region has been defined by the poet Giosuè Carducci “il cuor verde d’Italia” (the green heart of Italy). Umbria is known for its influence on culture, traditions, history, artistic legacy, and landscapes. It includes several naturalistic heritages, as the Trasimeno Lake, Marmore falls, and the Tiber River.

The regional capital is Perugia, an ancient city with an international vocation as venue for major meetings as well as international and intercultural organizations. It is a cultural center for many centuries and home to many creative spirits in the fields of science, music and art.

Perugia amalgamates all the advantages of a small city with the facilities and services usually only found in much larger cities! It provides a unique environment to meet with colleagues in a relaxing atmosphere. On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we look forward to introduce you to Perugia. We are sure it will offer the ideal environment to discuss cutting edge geology, stratigraphy and oil exploration, as well as to explore new scientific frontiers that are relevant to the various societal challenges facing the 21st century.